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Morel Mushroom

Hunting Morel Mushrooms

  As the snow recedes Morel mushrooms emerge in the forests. Morels are hunted both for their taste and the joy of the hunt. Morels have a rich, creamy flavor that is earthy, nutty and steak-like. Their unique flavor makes them a favorite among mushroom lovers. Thousands of people comb the woods each year in search of Morels. They can appear as early as April, but are usually picked in May. Morels thrive in the northern regions of Wisconsin. If you would like to try a hand at Morel Hunting a good starting point would be a day trip to the Chequamegon, Nicolet, Brule or Flambeau State and … [Read More...]

salsa garden

SPICE IT UP…grow a salsa pot!

  I am a huge fan of growing salsa pots! For one, I live amongst huge, old pines that only allow a few pockets of sunshine through their massive branches, leaving the majority of my yard shaded, which makes for poor gardening conditions. This leaves me hitting up the Farmer's Markets for most of my summer produce and even though the products I buy there are always stellar, I want to be able to get my hands dirty and enjoy the rewards of growing my own food. Planting different themed pots enables me to do that. Themed pots are fun and have a lot of perks. They are low maintenance for those … [Read More...]

Variety of Flowers

Spring…a poem by Kristie Kringle

                  Spring A gentle breeze is blowing, bringing warmth from southern climes. Small, green buds are showing Mother Nature's grand designs. Tiny sprouts are peeking out from underneath the ground. Soon forest friends will romp about 'midst Spring Beauties all around. The crisp brown is receding as color livens up the Earth. A spotted fawn is feeding, celebrating Life's rebirth. A songbird chirps, "Arise! Awake! Don't miss a single minute." Fish are splashing in the lake; The race is on - go win it! A poem by Kristie Kringle - Winner of the NLOM & Badger … [Read More...]

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Brow Barn Bath Company

 Brown Barn Handmade Artisanal Bath & Body Luxuries by a legacy of women in agriculture…from seed to soul. Raised on a farm, soil beneath our feet and the sun on our backs, the women in our family have long known the value of ending each day with a good hot bath and relaxing aromatic oils. […]


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Split Rock Lighthouse State Park

Split Rock Lighthouse State Park is our pick for the best camp ground on the North Shore. It has 20 cart-in sites. These sites are within 2,000 ft. of the parking lot and carts are available to wheel in your gear. They are private sites and all of them very nice, my favorite is site #4, and it has … [Read More...]

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